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From Kathmandu: 7 Day Langtang Valley Private Trek

From Kathmandu: 7 Day Langtang Valley Private Trek

The Langtang Valley Trek offers a captivating journey through the breathtaking landscapes of the Langtang region in Nepal. Traversing lush forests, quaint villages, and rugged terrain, this trek provides stunning views of snow-capped peaks, including Langtang Lirung. Along the way, trekkers encounter the warm hospitality of local Tamang and Sherpa communities, immersing themselves in their rich culture and traditions. Offering a rewarding adventure for nature enthusiasts and trekkers seeking an authentic Himalayan experience.

Starting From: US$ 250.00 / Person Duration: 7 Day/s Availability: 7+ Category: Nepal \ Trekking Language: English Guide : Guided TourType: Multiday Wheel Chair: No accessible Group type: Private Minimum group size: 1 Person/s


Day 1: Day 1: Drive to Syabrubesi

Syabrubesi altitude: 2380m Drive duration: 7-8 hrs Overnight: Syabrubesi The trail of the 7 days Langtang Trek starts with the scenic drive to Syabrubesi. Trekkers will travel through the picturesque landscapes of the hilly region. The views of the beautiful hills, white water rapids, and other natural landmarks are pretty enchanting. The trails also provide you with stunning views of the snow-clad mountains. Our day’s destination is Syabrubesi, the entry point of Langtang region treks. After arriving at the destination of Syabrubesi, you will spend the night at the lodge. You can explore the beautiful area in Syabrubesi and prepare for the next day’s trek.

Day 2: Day 2: Trek to Lama hotel

Lama hotel altitude: 2470m Trek duration: 5-6 hrs Overnight: Lama Hotel The trail on this trekking day starts from Syabrubesi to Lama Hotel. Lama hotel is a beautiful landmark along the routes to the Langtang region. This incredible trek begins as you have your breakfast in the lodge. The trail of the 7 days Langtang Valley Trek passes alongside the Langtang River. The trekkers will pass the river through the region’s suspension bridges. The course moves uphill and downhill in the area to arrive at the settlement of Bamboo (1960m). The beautiful terrains will pass through the forested areas with many bamboo plants. There is gorgeous lush vegetation along the trail, with many rhododendron trees. Many rare and endangered wildlife includes red panda, wild monkeys, martens, black bears, and others. You will then proceed towards the beautiful destination of Rimsha (2400m). Finally, continuing our journey through the cultural settlements, we arrive at Lama Hotel (2420m). There you will rest and stay at a lodge for the night.

Day 3: Day 3: Trek to Langtang

Langtang altitude: 2980m Trek duration: 5-6 hrs Overnight: Langtang On this day, we will pass through the beautiful terrains that will take you to the beautiful village of Langtang. This section of the trek requires quite an uphill climb in the region. There is a forested area along the trail where you can pass through the rhododendron trees. The trails take you alongside the Langtang River, from where you will arrive at the settlement of Gumanchok, which is traditionally a horse stable. There you can find the Yak grazing sites, where you can find yaks grazing. Mt. Langtang (7246m) looks stunning from the trail’s viewpoint. The beautiful trails will take you through the several water streams in the region. You can also find the beautiful watermills and prayer wheels in the area as you trek to the Langtang village. The beautiful Langtang village (3307m) is famous for its Himalayan vista. There are different Tibetan cultural settlements in the village, along with Buddhist landmarks. The beautiful stone-paved, flat-tiled houses are the other attractions of the region. The region has wheat, barley, buckwheat, and other crops. You can find tea houses and many local accommodations in the Tamang community. You will then rest overnight at the local teahouse.

Day 4: Day 4: Trek to Kyanjin Gompa

Kyanjin Gompa altitude: 3860m Trek duration: 5-6 hrs On this trek section, you will continue your journey through the beautiful terrains to arrive at Kyanjin Gompa. This is the trek’s highest point, and you must acclimate and drink large amounts of water to tackle altitude sickness. You will pass through the beautiful courses of yak pasture land to arrive at the destination. You can observe the spectacular views of the snow-clad mountains of the region, including Mt. Langtang, Mt Ganchempo, and others. The beautiful trail will take you through the various religious landmarks of the chortens, prayer flags, and mani walls. There is also a cheese factory in the area where you can go to taste the Yak cheese and other dairy products. The monastery region remains surrounded by the snow-clad mountains of the region. There are many other Buddhist landmarks in the area. You can explore around the region and then rest overnight at the teahouse.

Day 5: Day 5: Hike to Tsergo Ri and Trek down to Lama hotel

Tsergo Ri altitude: 5033m Lama hotel altitude: 2470m Trek duration: 6-7 hrs Overnight: Lama Hotel This is quite an exciting section of the trek in the Langtang region. The beautiful terrains on the course of this section are quite challenging as you hike up to the Tsergo Ri. The trail passes through the gorgeous landscapes where you can travel while observing the snow-capped mountains. Finally, you descend to Lama Hotel (2500m) after achieving this feat and exploring the beautiful terrains. After passing through the same route you took earlier through the settlements, you will finally arrive at the Lama Hotel. After arriving at the destination, you will spend the night at the lodge

Day 6: Day 6: Trek to Syabrubesi

Lama hotel altitude: 2470m Trek duration: 4-5 hrs Overnight: Syabrubesi On this section of the Langtang Trek 7 days, you will trek down to Syabrubesi. The scenic trail then passes through the beautiful terrains to arrive at the picturesque landscapes. The short duration of the trek only takes around 4 to 5 hours. You can explore the beautiful rural settlements for the last time as you finally arrive at the settlements of Syabrubesi. You can rest and explore the region after arriving at your destination

Day 7: Day 7: Drive back to Kathmandu

Syabrubesi altitude: 2380m Drive duration: 6-7 hrs The Langtang Trek 7 days ends on this day as you will take the scenic drive from Syabrubesi to Kathmandu. You will follow the trail that you took earlier. The picturesque hilly region vista will enchant you along the route as you arrive at the city of Kathmandu. After driving for 6-7 hours, you will finally arrive at the city of Kathmandu. You can also explore around the Thamel area, celebrating the successful completion of the tour


  • 1) Hotel Pick up and drop off within Kathmandu valley.
  • 2) Friendly english speaking trekking guide.
  • 3) Trekking permit,TIMS card and all official document.
  • 4) Round trip transfer by shearing Jeep or Bus.
  • 5) Accommodation in guest house during the trek.
  • 6) Private trek.
  • 7) Guide food,accommodation and all expenses.
  • 8) Normal first aid kit with guide.
  • 9) Trekking pole.


  • 1) Food and drinks (Available on purchase)
  • 2) Gratuities (Optional)
  • 3) Incase of emergency rescue (cover by your travel insurance if you have)
  • 4) Porter per day 25$ one for 2 people.


Group size Price per person Book Now
0-1 US$ 390.00 Book
2-3 US$ 340.00 Book
3-6 US$ 320.00 Book
7-10 US$ 295.00 Book
11-20 US$ 275.00 Book
21-30 US$ 250.00 Book
0-1 US$ 390.00 Book
2-3 US$ 370.00 Book
4-6 US$ 345.00 Book
7-12 US$ 310.00 Book
13-20 US$ 290.00 Book
21-30 US$ 260.00 Book

Pickup Location:

Any hotel or Airport in Kathmandu

Drop Off Location:

Any hotel or Airport in Kathmandu

Not suitable for:

Wheel chair user, pregnant women

Mandatory Items:

Passport photo, Passport size photo, Warm cloths, Cash for food, water bottle,Hiking shoe.


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